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Re: NFC: Introduced Fish In PA Waters/FYI

Perhaps your finest peice of Writing thank you Daryl !

On Sun, 15 Nov 1998 23:43:57 EST Phylesis at aol_com writes:
>     Exotic Removal isn't just a Florida thing. If anyone, anywhere, 
>interested in taking an active role in the removal of exotics, conact 
>Rice at 
>robertrice at juno_com for more info. Though the Exotic Removal Program 
>began in
>Florida, we are aware that the problem exsists elsewhere. We are 
>activist conservationists with an enthusiasm for what we do. All of 
>NFC is
>volunteer, and we participate at our own pace, but the point is WE
>PARTICIPATE. Get involved in a worthy and fun activity by getting 
>involved in
>a conservation program like the NFC's Exotic removal or Breeders 
>program. Be
>an activist, give it your passion and do something that will go beyond 
>self. We are the stewards of the natural wonders that live on this 
>blue marble
>and we owe it to the generations to come, to preserve the diverse 
>that are it's life and nothing you do in this effort is too little.
>ok         getting down off the soapbox   : P

Robert Rice
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