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Re: NFC: Introduced Fish In PA Waters

     Exotic Removal isn't just a Florida thing. If anyone, anywhere, is
interested in taking an active role in the removal of exotics, conact Robert
Rice at 
robertrice at juno_com for more info. Though the Exotic Removal Program began in
Florida, we are aware that the problem exsists elsewhere. We are serious
activist conservationists with an enthusiasm for what we do. All of NFC is
volunteer, and we participate at our own pace, but the point is WE
PARTICIPATE. Get involved in a worthy and fun activity by getting involved in
a conservation program like the NFC's Exotic removal or Breeders program. Be
an activist, give it your passion and do something that will go beyond your
self. We are the stewards of the natural wonders that live on this blue marble
and we owe it to the generations to come, to preserve the diverse ecosystems
that are it's life and nothing you do in this effort is too little.
ok         getting down off the soapbox   : P