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NFC: Re: late sunday afternoon fishing

Heh. :)  I'll send you my listings, Daryl.  
Or, you can IM me a bit using screen name Etheosoma, no T.   
BTW, I'd gladly take the bimacs... :)

J. L. Wiegert
 Dubotchugh yIpummoH.                      bI'IQchugh Yivang!
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On Sun, 15 Nov 1998 Phylesis at aol_com wrote:

> Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 21:02:59 EST
> From: Phylesis at aol_com
> To: NoExotics at listbot_com,
    nfc at actwin_com
> Subject: late sunday afternoon fishing
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> Hey Folks,
> 						It's 6:45pm, just got in from a late afternoon exotic removal excursion
> to southwest Miami and here's what I found. I was in C-4 canal on the Tamiami
> Trail and was using my trusty dipnet. The canals here in south Florida have a
> grass that grows out into the water from the embankments, a couple of feet in
> places, forming dense mats and under these mats, both the natives and exotics
> hang out. 
> 			Out of an hour or so of dipping up under the grass I caught 47 exotics
> ranging in size from 1" to 12". I also caught 8 damnbusia, 3 blue fin killies
> and 1 bass at 3". This is an unusually low native count. In more healthely
> populated canals like in Broward, I get maybe 1 cichlid out of every 7 fish
> netted. 
> 			The species most prevalant in todays venture was the Jaguar Guapote Cichlid
> ( Cichlasoma managuense ), including 2 adults at 10" and 12". If they make it
> through the night I will photograph them tomorrow and then put them down.  The
> other species were Mayans ( C. urophthalmus ), at 1"to 3" and C. bimaculatum
> 2" and 
> 2 1/2". 
> 		   The variation in sizes tells me that these cichlids breed year round. I
> have noticed this throughout south Florida. 
> 			Half way through the fishing, the handle on my dipnet bent in two  : (   It
> is a monorail net wiath an aluminum handle that just snapped in two in my
> attempt to bend it back. 
> 			I went to my truck and pulled out a hacksaw and cut the broken end off.
> Then I took a painter's heavy duty extention pole, I had ready knowing this
> would eventually happen, pulled out the interior rod and inserted the end of
> the dipnet handle and voila. I now have a dipnet that will hold up to the
> rough handling I put it through in my quest for them damn cichlids.  : ) As I
> finished up the fishin, the sun began setting over the Everglades, so I sat
> and watched and wondered,      				where have all the natives gone.
>  All in all, a good trip.      TTNT
> Daryl Roche
> Exotic Removal Program, NFC
> BTW,  I am using the Most Complete Colored Lexicon of Cichlids to ID these
> fish and the nomenclature is different i.e.
> many of the Cichlasoma species are Hericthys, with the same genus. Is this the
> most updated rendition for IDing?    Josh?   ; )
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