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NFC: Chat tonight

Hello all,

	Please join us for an *informal* chat tonight (Sunday, 20:00
Central Time) at the NFC Chat room. Everyone is welcome. You are welcome
to come and just "hang out" as well. The chat starts around 8:00 pm and
lasts for an hour or more - you can also join us in the middle for a few

	URL: http://nativefish.interspeed.net/nfcChat.htm

	Suggested topics:
	o A North American Native fish atlas (a la Baensch)
	o Compatibility of various species in home/beginner aquaria 
          (the second is my suggestion :)

--                 ,;
Sajjad Lateef  ~ <;)))>< ~~  ~~    <http://www.eecs.uic.edu/~slateef/>
sajjad at acm_org ~ ~  ` Please Visit NFC:<http://nativefish.interspeed.net>