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NFC: Fw: Need your filtration adivce

Please answer to Gary and the list.....

Robert Rice
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From: "Gary Rollwage" <grollwag at oilstates_com>
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Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 16:33:10 -0600
Subject: Need your filtration adivce
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I have a 30 gal tank with 1- 6.5 " longear and a 4 1/2" bluegill...When I
the tank i did not put in an underground filter... I'm only using a power
with a bag of "rocks" behind the filter  to become a biological filter
I am wondering if this is enough.  Should I replace the rocks and carbon
filter with a sponge? Should I scrap the unit and buy a bio-wheel..
I don't want to tear the tank down at this point and put in an

Gary Rollwage

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