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NFC: Another Press Release

Press Release : The Native Fish Conservancy Nov 12 1998

The Native Fish Conservancy in cooperation with the Lowery Park Zoo
near Orlando Florida (contact numbers attn: Teryl Nolan-813-935-8552 ext.
258  e-mail   coralpolyp at msn_com) have joined together to create a
conservation display of Native Fishes ,plants and amphibians at their
main zoo location. The NFC's volunteers donated the native fish , plants
and amphibians for the zoo's new Florida fishes display. The tank is
heavily planted with Nuphar , cabomba , vals, spatterdock and an array of
native plants. Along with interesting
Florida species like Florida Flagfish , Bluespotted Sunfish , Tadpole
madtoms , Sailfin Mollies , sirens and many others. This 750 gallon
acrylic tank is designed to show  people the diversity and beauty of
the local temperate fishes. While making a special effort to show the
effects of pollution and exotic fish introductions  on our local
waterways. The NFC is proud to be affiliated with this project. If you
have a local Zoo or Aquarium that is interested in a similar conservation

display and would like the help of the NFC please contact us at 1663
Iowa Ave East , St. Paul Minnesota 55106 or email NFC at actwin_com or check
out our website at http:/nativefish.interspeed.net.