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Try NA natives Killies,


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me a note to robertrice at juno_com join the Fishwishlist at listbot_com
This list is provided as service  to interested parties and email lists .
I accept NO responsibility  for any bad trades or illegal actions
resulting from contacts made on this list. Deadbeat traders will be
kicked off the list. All parties are expected to act in good faith and
follow all applicable laws. (I just type the list folks ) All ads subject
to rejection solely at my discretion. This list is not affiliated with
any organization and may be reposted in it's entirety without my

Robert Rice
2213 Prytania Circle, Navarre, FL 32566 Email: robertrice at juno_com.
Flagfin Shiners, Sailfin shiners various Pygmy Sunfish,
Bluespotted Sunfish, orangethroat darters , Dollar Sunfish,Fundulus
chrysotus, Bluefin Killie, and many other southeastern
species. Just 3$ a fish plus 10$ shipping. Special orders and requests
taken check on Prices and avalibility.For Instance Hire me by the day ,
1/2 day to collect for you !

John Brill- 61 Brookside Ave. Livingstone, NJ  07039
Phone # (973) 533-1397
HAS FOR TRADE: Enneacanthus chaetodon , E.gloriosus , E.
obesus, Umbra pygmaea , Aphredoderus sayanus (Pirate Perch 
very rare in NJ) , Etheostoma fusiforme , Fundulus heteroclitus ,
Cyprinidon variegatus ovinus , Lucania parva, Syngnathus fuscus, Mendina
beryllina and many other Atlantic
coastal plain and estuarine species. WANTS: Lota lota , Archoplites
interrupts, Hiodon spp. ,  Aplodinotus cycleptus, Ictiobus and other
sucker species, or anything else I haven't had before. Write or call
first; all correspondence  answered. Some recent bad experiences with
deadbeat traders.  Only   interested in hearing from people who are
serious about trading and willing to reciprocate.

Bill Voiers, 96 Angle St. PO Box 388 , Eureka Springs, AR
72632 Phone #: (501) 253-9558,  Fax #: (501) 253-9558.
HAS FOR TRADE: Etheostoma juliae, E. euzonum and other
Arkansas native darters (excluding E. moorei) for any
species of Nothonotus, excluding E. rufilineatum .

Tim Wolfe -2911 Belle Aire Blvd. Theodore, AL 36582
Phone #: (334) 973-2524.
HAS FOR TRADE: Flagfin shiners, sailfin shiners, Elassoma
species, many others. ALSO HAS: tropicals including angels,
guppies , Corydoras  catfish for trade. WANTS : Various  darters and
Carolina shiners for breeding program.

Ray Katula- w 1545 Spring Coulee Road, Genoa Wis. 54632 (608) 689-2726
Has for sale/trade: Highfin Carpsuckers, Spotted Suckers ,Flame Chubs,
Southern Redbelly Dace Redside Dace. Ask me about terms.
Wants: Ashy Darter , Tri Color Shiner, Bluebreast Darter , Variegated
darter ,

Peter Rollo 2308 Cedar Lane, Secane, PA 19018.
Phone # (610) 543-1660. Email: prollo at juno_com
HAS FOR SALE: domestic raised   Banded and Black banded
sunfish,  Elassoma evergladi (Pygmy sunfish), Heterandria
Formosa , also  seasonally available tadpole madtoms , eastern
mudminnows & bluespotted sunfish. I also have a GREAT variety of Exotic
Killi Fish ask me about a species list. 

Bill Ballard- 6811 Moss Oaks Lane, Elberta, AL 36530.
Phone #: (334) 987-1112.
HAS FOR TRADE: many fresh and saltwater coastal species,
including bluespotted sunfish, dollar sunfish, flagfin shiners,
broadstripe  shiners, F. chrysotas, F. cingulatus, F. notatus, pygmy
sunfishes and  others.

Bruce Scott 520 East Lake Hazel Road, Merdin ID 83642.
Phone #: (208) 888-7143.
HAS: dwarf crayfish (Cambarellus shufeldtii).
WANTS: Notropis lutrensis, Etheostoma nigrum, Noturus leptacanthus,
Heterandria Formosa, any Elassoma species,  prairie crayfish (Procambarus

Ron Romigh 604 Allen Avenue, Monaca, PA 15061-1606. Phone #: (412)
775-6112. Email: rromigh at ccia_com.
WANTS TO BUY: Lucania goodei, F. Zebrinus ,colorful breedable darters, E.
evergladi, E. okeefenokee, E.boelkei , E. okatie, E.spring ,  Ennecanthus
obesus, E.chaetodon , Lepomis marginatus,  L. humilus and L. symmetricus.

Tyson Lagillandaie, 8483 Blue Lake Dr., San Diego, CA 92119
Phone #:  (619) 462-1643. Email tysontl at aol_com
HAS FOR SALE: Captive raised F1 Longear Sunfish (Kansas
subspecies - (they are the beautiful subspecies as seen in Robert Rice's
TFH articles), $3.00 per fish plus shipping or will trade for other
Lepomis species. Has Blackworms avaliable 12$ a pound plus shipping for
fish customers only.

Andrew Borgia, P.O Box 4346, Key West, FL 33041 Phone # (305) 294-8739.
 Email noturus2 at aol_com
HAS FOR TRADE:  A great variety of marine specimens and
inverts for trade, also has some Key West herps for trade.  WANTS:
Interested in a great variety of North American species for a private
preserved collection.

DWIGHT D. MOODY P.O. Box 214, East Montpelier, VT  05651
Phone #: home - (802)476-0685; work (802)241-3482. Email
address:dwightmoody at hotmail_comHAS: Hetandria Formosa for sale or trade.
ALSO HAS OR CAN GET: a widevariety of Vermont species between mid-April
and the end of November,including Fundulus diaphanus,  northern redbelly
dace , slimy sculpins ,trout-perch, burbot, various minnows, catfish, 
shiners, etc.

John Laurent, P.O. Box 1018, Bartow, FL 33831
Email:JFRANKLAURENT at MSN_COMWANTS: I am interested in buying and  rearing
information on theFollowing species: Blue nose shiners, red shiners,
pygmy Sunfish, flagfin& sailfin shiners, blue spotted sunfish,Orange
spotted sunfish, andrainbow darters.HAS: For Commercial sale Shovelnose
sturgeon , Florida gar others  

Luke McClurg:luke764 at hotmail_com HAS: Red Shiners, Central
LongearSunfish, Orangethroat Darters (limited quantity), Slender
Madtoms(limitedquantity), can get in limited quantity or seasonally: Sand
Shiners,Orangespotted Sunfish, Johnny Darters (very limited quantity),
many other Kansas native fishes and crayfish.WANTS: Shiners, Minnows,
Darters, Dace and Sunfish species unavailable inmy area. Will buy or
trade for Kansas fishes.  Or, you pay the postageand donate $5.00 to the
NFC and I'll send you some for free. (this is alimited time offer
restricted to stock on hand  or general availability)

R.W.Wolff 6510 Helke Rd. Wisconsin Rapids, WI. 54494 (715)424-0259
raywolff at juno_comHAS or can get for trade only: many midwestern species
Including dartersdace and minnows and some lowland southeastern fish,
many are captivebred, mostly sunfish, and killifish. Some non native
killifish for tradeor sale too.Wants: Pygmy Sunfish, any species from
most any where.  Would requirelocation data, does not need to be site
specific, just county (or parish)will do and/or water shed.  May accept
some killifish ask me.Also Will show interested parties around Wisconsin
areas for collecting,marsh habitats and/or highland streams too.  Anyone
needing help withSunfish,pygmy sunfish ,or killifish can contact me with
questionsregarding husbandry,habitat,or pond rearing ideas. Shipping
info; willnot ship if night time lows will dip below 20 degrees from me
to you inthree day period.  All  requests answered, arrangments made

Michael Hissom 2124 Van Buren St. Wilmington NC 28401 910-763-0350  
e-mail Moontanman at aol_comWants: Captive breed shovelnose sturgeon
fingerlings, mudpuppies (dwarfOr regular), sirens (dwarf), madtoms,
rainbow dartersHaves: Freshwater flounders, sleeper gobies, swamp
darters, pirate perch,Blue spotted sunfish, ghost shrimp. Various
saltwater fish, killies, mudminnows,pipe fish, baby sharks, hermit crabs,
sand dollars, sea urchins,starfish

Darryl Roche 425 NE Ave Ft Lauderdale Florida 33301 , email
phylesis at aol_com has for sale bluefin Killies , Bluespot Sunfish,
Heterandria Formosa,Pygmy Sunfish,  Florida Flagfish,  wild caught
cichlids , dollar sunfish and many other south florida species for sale
check with me on prices andavaliability. My avaliabilty changes from week
to week and I often run GREAT blowout  specials. I take personal checks
and specialize in Aquarium club auctions and Public Aquarium Displays.
Many Plants avaliable to interested parties 50$ for a box of approximatly
125 plants of my choice based on avaliability.. On vacation in Florida ?
Hire me to take you Cichlid/native fish collecting at very reasonable
rates.I follow allstate and federal regulations. Drop me a note all mail

David Schleser 310 Appian Way, Dallas, TX 75216
214-943-2025natimg at flash_netHave: For trade only! Heterandria formosa, E.
Chaetodon (limited, pond raised), F. Chrysotus (split to black speckled
form; pond raised).Can get periodically: Cyprinella lutrensis, Lepomis
symmetricus, L. marginatus and others.Wanted: Fundulus lineolatus (rosy
nosed form from S. Georgia), troutperch. 

Ray Suydam - email : raysuy at webtv_net ,  Long Island NY 
Wants :Colorfull Daces- Minnows-Plants. Has for trade asst. exotic
killiefish custom spawning mops- shipping boxes.  Serious replies only.

On Wed, 11 Nov 1998 12:44:25 PST Shortoctober33 at mailexcite_com writes:
>Killie Trade/Sell - http://www.angelfire.com/biz2/killietrader
>Hi killie traders I'm looking for beginner killies. I no the weather 
>gotten cold and some people don't like to ship fish during this time 
>year, but if theres any who have some easy killies for sale please let 
>me no
>how to obtain them. Please let me no how much they cost and your 
>I'm R.C. Mckinney and i live in Dallas Tex.
>                            thanks 
>                            R.C.
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