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NFC: Assistance (that ok Josh?hehe) needed for research

hello all,

  Now that the NFC gang has poked fun at me and gotten their 'jollies' at
my expense (no hard feelings) how's about a little help.

  I need to locate any research done on the metabolic rate of fishes nad
the correlation with the amount of ammonia they excrete.  I am doing a
short study on this topic for my General Zoology class and need some
research to scite for my paper.

  My primitive little project has shown that the higher the tmperature of
the water...the faster the ammonia level will rise. (I know...all you NFC
guys are going "Well DUH!"...but since that's about the extent of your
vocabularies that's  what you say most of the time anyway...he he
he...except for those who haven't been picking on me, and your still on my
'good' list...he hehe)

  But seriously, this is my first ever official reserch project and I
could really use the help of anyone in the NFC or NANFA who knows where
some published material my exist.

Luke McClurg