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NFC: LukeList

Spotless reputation? What is that yellow stain there? Mustard stains I
guess? hehe
	Now that is fish talk - just a way to say what a good collector and
sportsman that Luke is. He enjoys the fish so much, don't ya know?

	Which of course brings up the next suggestion for a sublist - course I
suppose we could all just keep on sending out the posts about him off
list, but it is so much fun to let him reply, don't ya think?


mcclurg luke e wrote:
> Well YOU started it! :)  I hope you are happy!  Besmirching my heretofore
> 'spotless' reputation.  Shame, shame, shame.  :)
> On Tue, 10 Nov 1998, Josh Wiegert wrote:
> > JL uses a gigantic CATTLE PROD to the push the entire list back onto
> > topic.
> >