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NFC: From the website (fwd)

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Please respond to both the list and Chris...TIA


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Posted by Chris@Dallas on November 06, 1998 at 20:52:48:

I was wondering what kind of sand people use when they
mention using sand in a native fish tank. Im in the
Dallas Tx area. The tank Im thinking of setting up 
would be a 120 gallon, planted with local plants, for
fish Id be going with large mouth bass, sunfish, and
a catfish. I saw a reference further down to someone
using the kitty litter, soil and sand method. What kind
of kitty liter is used and what kind of sand. I was 
thinking of going to the lake and going out about 10ft
and just scooping up mud off the bottom. Anyone have
any ideas, what I should go with.