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NFC: DP forward from Aquarium List: fish euthanasia

Subj:	      Re: Dying Fish
Date:	11/6/98 11:30:24 AM US Central Standard Time
From:	nfrank at FAST_NET (Norman Frank)
Sender:	AQUARIUM at LISTSERV_CC.EMORY.EDU (Fish and Aquaria)
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    The American Veterinary Medical Assoc. and the USDA do not consider
freezing fish as a humane method of euthanasia; and if done, or
suggested, by a veterinarian it presumably could be construed as

    The easiest suggested method is to place several ALKA SELTZER
tablets in a small container with the fish. This releases CO2 which
first puts the animal to sleep, and then stops body functions. Other
methods involve dosing (or overdosing) with various drugs. To read the
complete AVMA/USDA report go to:


 This site also contains information on humane euthanasia of other

Norman Frank DVM

nfrank at fast_net

==========================Original Message=========================

>They die the same way we do. Freezing to death for a fish is as

>unpleasant as it would be for you are I. They are simply forced to

>accept it silently. Short of very costly lethal injection,

>is the most humane way to kill a fish. If you keep fish you must take

>the responsibility involved. Putting them in the freezer may help you

>feel better, but the fish hate it.


>As others have said, I would have to disagree and would think that the

>in the freezer method would be fairly humane. I just recently had to

>terminate a danio and opted for the one part vodka to five parts

>method as presented in the Aquaria FAQ which has a section on

>fish, here's the link.


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> http://faq.thekrib.com/begin-longterm.html#death