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Re: NFC: Hlp!! Sick Puffer.... (fwd)

>About a week ago we had to put some acquarium salt into the tank to treat a
>fungal infection on some Mollies.  Since then the puffer (n. Malibu!) has
>stopped eating and is very inactive.  I can't find anyone who knows much
>about them?
>Do you think the salt is the problem?  Do you know what temperature range
>it can withstand?  I have a very healthy freshwater non-tropical acquaroum
>which I could transfer him to if this might help (this tank is at room temp
>around 24 deg).

I don't have a specific answer, but I seem to recall one of the lessons
taught pilots in training is:  If you do someting and get in trouble, undo
the very last thing you did.  In this case, move the puffer to a tank with
water treated the same way, but without salt, as in the tank its in now.