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Re: NFC: DP returning fish to the wild

At 11:57 AM 11/6/1998 EST:
>though adding to genetic diversity may be percieved in the positive, as has
>been pointed out, it also works in the other direction. the additions to an
>existing gene pool can also be weeker and less resistant to disease and
>therefore weeken the existing population. it seems not worth the risk  : )

One exception might occur when the DNR has depopulated a lake, stream, etc.
to eliminaate some foreign introduction.  Then if a you have stock from
that water system from before the depopulation, working with the DNR (or
similar group in your state) to reintroduce offspring of the gene pool
known to have existed there might be preferrable to repopulating with the
same species from a nearby, but possibly different, gene pool.  In any
case, the action is part of a plan, not just an individual off on some
private quest.

My 2 cents.


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