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Re: Re: NFC: DP returning fish to the wild

Daryl wrote:
>though adding to genetic diversity may be percieved in the positive, as has
>been pointed out, it also works in the other direction. the additions to an
>existing gene pool can also be weeker and less resistant to disease and
>therefore weeken the existing population. it seems not worth the risk  : )

Incorrect - remember that we are talking about a "population" and not
individuals in the population.  In a population, the addition of new genes
to a population (i.e., disease resistance genes, growth genes) increases
the "overall" genetic makeup of the population.  Addition of genes that are
considered "weak" in one genetically shallow population, added to a
genetically diverse population, will probably never be seen; based on
genetic statisticts.

 Again, this is a pure genetic stance - not a plea for release into the
wild.  I am in agreement with you all that release of natives into a
non-indigenous site is wrong.  But, genetically, increased variation in a
population maintains a healthy population.  This is why dogs and cats from
the pound (inbred animals) tend to be healthier and devoid of the common
small animal diseases and genetic defects.

Matthew T. Mason
Doctoral Student
The Ohio State University
Department of Molecular Genetics
mason.163 at osu_edu

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