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Re: NFC: DP returning fish to the wild

Daryl wrote:
>Returning fish to the wild has more than the obvious desease potential. It
>blurs the gene pool of the existing population. This can lead to loosing
>unique trates that may make a strain unusual...yada yada yada

If you are defining "blurring" the gene pool as an increase in genetic
diversity within a species then I disagree with your premise that releasing
back into the wild causes a genetic shift (blur) in the local population.
From a genetics standpoint this is a great position as it allows a
population to have a broader spectrum of adaptability, resistance,
survivability upon change.

Now, I do agree that additions to the local population "could" possibly
cause a specific trait within the site to change.  This however is not bad
genetically - this is good genetically as it allows for resitance (see
above).  It does bother the local collector because a specific desired
"look" has been eliminated.

Second, new additions do bring in new diseases and "might" possibly knock
out exsisting populations.  But this addition may also bring in a new
resistance to an already exsisting disease - this is a good thing.
Matthew T. Mason
Columbus, Ohio

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