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Re: NFC: DP returning fish to the wild

The main reason IMHO is you risk screwing  up the genetics of a site.
Very few folks ever return a fish to its Point of origin. Maybe your fish
are no prob , but then maybey they are its not worth the risk. When you
combine lil things like disease and the sloppy ness that occurs when
people see other folks returning fish to the water its a mess. What
people end up  doing is Useing their local pond for all their excess
stock native or not....So even though the risk is small I consider it a
bad habit to get into so I just  say no !1

On Thu, 5 Nov 1998 22:36:29 EST CEFCHURCH at aol_com writes:
>For us new folks out here, could someone give a short statement as to 
>why fish
>should never be returned to the wild?  By coincidence, I just had 
>discussion with someone today who I was trying to talk in to keeping 
>in his new aquarium and could not come up with a coherent answer other 
>than it
>is a possible disease vector.
>Chuck Church
>CEFChurch at aol_com
>Indianapolis, Indiana USA

Robert Rice
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