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NFC: Re: New address for Luke

Now we dont know whether to talk about ya or not !!!! <G>

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From: mcclurg luke e <mcclurgl at washburn_edu>
To: NFC Discussions <NFC at actwin_com>
Cc: North American Native Fish Association <nanfa at aquaria_net>
Date: Thursday, November 05, 1998 6:39 PM
Subject: NFC: New address for Luke

>For those of you with ICQ on these lists that I talk to please note that
>my # is now changed to:  22597328  and I am listed under 'Luke'.
>Please feel free to add me in for conversational purposes on your ICQ
>address books.  No advertisor or spam please.
>This should help several people who never knew if it was me online or my
>mom under the old handle of 'cottontop'.