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Re: NFC: Fwd: malicious virus

This stuffis pure horse poop.  There is now ay a virus can be put in a
text, image, etc. file-- only in an executable.  It cannot come in as an
e-mail, nor can you get one by reading e-mail..

Now, the real truth is:
This particular virus doesn't effect your computer.. once the e-mail is
open, it migrates along your electrical wires to your TV, refrigerator,
microwave, and drier.  On the TV, it causes nothing good to be on.  In the
refrigerator, it causes the light to stay on, even when the door is
closed, as well as all the good food to vanish.  In the microwave, it
causes strange noises, and uneven cooking.  And in the drier, it makes
that ONE sock vanish.  THese factors combine to create in the owner of
these appliances an unnatural gulibalness.  Moreover, it causes tehm to
forward e-mails like this one onto innapropriate forums.  

J. L. Wiegert
 Dubotchugh yIpummoH.                      bI'IQchugh Yivang!
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