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Crypts, was Re: NFC: Flag fish deaths

-> >They are very fussy about
-> >discussing anything other than Crypts, though.

-> I guess that goes without saying - if you bother to set up a list for
-> _one_genus_ of plants, you must have at least _some_ obsessive 
-> tendencies!

-> Mark Binkley
-> Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
-> mbinkley at earthling_net

Go to the following url and you can learn more about crypts than you can
anywhere else---->  http://www.noord.bart.nl/~crypts/index.html

There is a crypt list and I am on it, as are a few of the killie people
that may be on here I dunno for sure. The list isnt that active but what
action there is is to the point and very interesting.  A few months ago
one of the people mailed out his excess stock of plants to those who
were interested....... some of the crypts he has are extremely rare.

I keep a few hard water crypts with my natives, like C. affinis and C.
balansae, they need their calcium too, so you might try them.