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NFC: Flag fish deaths

I had several store bought Flag Fish, jordalle floridae,
they have recently died one by one. I had them in my planted
tank for algae control. The did a wonderful job too! But
that is another story. Slowly I am down to 2 fish. One male
and one very sick looking female.

This is an established tank, heavily planted, and on new
fish in a year? The female is now starting to look very pale
and she is hiding in the plants. I have no idea what is
going on. I have been wondering if maybe they need something
food wise that I have not been providing? The male is very
colorful and looks great. Anyone offer any suggestions that
I might look into?

I want some more but I want know if I am doing something
wrong first.

Jeff <*\\><
Old Bedouin saying: "Trust God, but tie up your camel, lest
you lose it."