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Re: NFC: DP Sculpins

I have kept mottled sculpins and they do not like warm conditions, 80 
degrees is fatal.  There is some variability in temperature tolerance 
between sculpin species. For instance, the slimy sculpin is a trout 
stream resident, when found in lakes, generally at depths of 300 ft or 
more due to temperature preferences the same as trout.  Mottled sculpins 
are found in warmer areas, including the shores of lakes, indicating 
tolerance for warmer temps. Suggest looking for banded and mottled 
sculpins in the sothern part of their range (Alabama, Georgia, etc.) to 
obtain individuals which are more heat tolerant.

Sculpins seem to do well in an aquarium with a power filter, with a 
gravel substrate and rocks for hiding/breeding.  They are partial to 
large item insects (mayflies, caddis, stoneflies) and other live food.  
Due to their sedentary nature and large mouths, they are best kept in a 
single species tank as other fish will either eat all the food on them 
or become snacks for the sculpins.

Suggest looking for sculpins in areas with small cobble rock, such as 
riffle areas, stony areas around the shores of lakes, etc.

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>I've only kept one sculpin and that was many years ago.  I really like 
the way
>they look and would like to catch and keep them.
>(1)  Several years ago, it seems like I read that they will die once 
>temperature reaches much above 72 degrees.  If that is true, they will 
die in
>my home once summer gets here again.  Can anyone shed some light on 
>(2)  I'm interested in any other keeping tips:  substrate, food, hiding
>places, stories, tankmates, etc.
>(3)  What type of habitat are they normally found in?
>Chuck Church
>CEFChurch at aol_com
>Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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