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NFC: Fw: NFC Receives SCP permits from NY and CT

FOr Immediate release !

Press Release: Native Fish Conservancy Nov 1 1998

The NFC has received Scientific Collection Permits from the State of 
Connecticut and the State of New York.  The Connecticut permit, issued 
for three years, allows the capture of a wide variety of freshwater, 
brackish and nearshore marine species, except for Banded Sunfish, for 
evaluation and breeding purposes.  The New York permit, issued for one 
year and renewable, allows the capture of a wide variety of non-game 
freshwater/brackish species, including darters, madtoms, sticklebacks, 
killifish, etc., except for Spotted Darters and Pirate Perch. Additional 
SCP applications have either been filed with other states  or are under 
development.  These permits bring the NFC's total to 8 organizational
SCP's. Fitting in with the NFC's goal to aquire Scientific Collecting
Permits from all 50 states.Persons interested in being a part of a
Scientific Collection  Permit for NFC related activities are encouraged
to contact Dwight D. Moody NFC scientific permit administrator.  He can
be reached by email: dwightmoody at hotmail_com or by telephone at home
(802-476-0685) or at  work (802-241-3482).