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NFC: Filter placement

I just finished up building a hood for our Church tank and for a 20 Long of
mine. I have to add the lights and make cutouts for the filter. On the 20 I
am using a standard hang on tank Whisper brand filter(WalMart). I usually
put it on the end so that I get a mild current to the other end of the tank
and back. Just last week on a whim I moved it to the back of the tank again.
I don't really see any difference in placement.

Now once I make the cut out it will have to stay in place, no moving it!
Sooooo where do you place yours and why?

I like the back because it is out of sight. I like the end because it seems
to have a better flow from one of the tank to the other.

Input guys? I need to make a choice!

Jeff <*\\><