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Re: NFC: A seining we will go

Suggest using either the egg shaped sinkers that have a clip on device 
(Water Gremlin) or go to a regular sporting goods store and purchase 
some more weights that look like the ones on the bottom of the net (long 
with a hole through the middle.  I have additional weights about every 
6" to a foot - how many depends on how much current and/or how many 
weeds you have to deal with.  More weights = more tendency to stay on 
the bottom.  You will probably find, as I did, that the floats are 
insufficient as well.  I use large bobbers spaced from 6 inches to a 
foot apart as supplemental floats.  Can also use chunks of styrofoam. 

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>Just made a trip to the Wal Mart Sporting goods looking for a cheap 
Seine to
>try.  Then had one and a bunch of Casting (?) nets. No label or ID of 
>kind on . Turned out to be 4' x 15' for 14.95 out the door. My thinking 
>that shipping one box of fish is around that much so it was worth a 
>Got it home and it appears WAY short on weights along the bottom. I can 
>some really easy but not sure how many to add. What size weights and 
how far
>apart do they need to be???
>The first attempts will be in slow moving shallow water. One area I
>want to try is full or weeds.
>Jeff <*\\><

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