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Re: NFC: Re: suggestion (fwd)

The article Database wqas supposed to do that. wITH A SEARCHABLE INDEX IT
HAS PROVEN A VERY VALUABLE TOOL. Id like to see more experiental notes on
the website but I just cant seem to get people to write em up. Thats the
main reason for the writers contest wich has had a total of 1 entry . For
whatever reason people are unwilling to do much in the way of documenting
their observations. So  thats kinda where we are. We rely on the regulars
to write stuff and thats about it.

On Thu, 29 Oct 1998 18:09:34 -0600 "Kudzu" <Kudzu at airnet_net> writes:
>I have been thinking for a while now along this line. What if NFC set 
>up a
>database that folks could just post their experince with a certain 
>Nothing fance, just what they have done that works for them. Good or 
>experieinces. Listed my fish. Would probably get some contridicting
>information but that is just part of it. It would nice when you caught 
>first Log Pearch to be able to look and see what other have done to 
>how they
>have feed ect. Maybe even make a standard form to fill out? Maybe 
>has a better idea?
>Jeff <*\\><
>>I have recently been reading the articles in the newsgroups about 
>>fish and decided to visit the web site.  This is a great site with 
>>of useful informations.  I have just one suggestion.  If it is 
>>it would be nice to have some information written about certain 
>>in the gallery.  This way, we can see the picture of the fish along 
>>the vital information on how to keep this fish in the home aquarium.
>>Thanks for doing a great job.

Robert Rice
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