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Re: NFC: Home Depot

I'll personally reply to this statement.  You may suggest who I purchase an
item from, but never imply a demand.  Furthermore, my family made a living
for many years cutting those very trees.  If you are so personally concerned
about the lumber industry in this nation go live with a family whose lives
depend on cutting timber.


Scott Doe wrote:

> I have seen several posts about Home Depot and the great deals you can
> get there on this list. I used to rely on them for a lot of my
> materials, but recently it has come to my attention that they sell many
> items that are the result of foresting old growth timber. There is a
> movement nationwide to get them to stop this practice, and I ask
> (implore, beg, plead) with all of you to boycott them and tell everyone
> you know to do so as well! As a conservation organization we should be
> very concerned over this. You may not think that indiscriminate
> deforesting has anything to do with native fish, but consider that it
> directly contributes to a loss of habitat and pollution of previously
> untouched streams. So, please, don't patronize Home Depot and spread the
> word to everyone you know.
> Thank you
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