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Re: NFC: 110 gal set-up for sunfish etc.

Sounds like a neat setup, Ray.  I agree that the high fish density helps to
disperse aggression.  I'm not sure how other minnows, such as redbellies,
would have fared in there.  I routinely crowd my fish and that seems to
work.  I also sort by family for the most part.  I usually don't keep
minnows with sunfish other than Enneacanthus.  I have kept a very
aggresssive blacknose dace with sunnies and logperch too.  I keep tadpole
madtoms with them with lots of hiding places.  Bullheads do fine until they
get big enough to eat the sunnies.  Would like to see your tanks some time.

Mark Binkley
Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
mbinkley at earthling_net

"If we do anything that is not of the highest standard, the
professionals out there who provide permits, etc will be able
to point the finger at organizations like NANFA and say, 'See,
those people shouldn't be keeping native fish, they spread them
around and probably diseases as well...'". - Peter Unmack