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NFC: Hiatus

Well....<sigh>.....one of the last four messages I typed got through to 
the list. I mailed Josh so these points may show up again but I am gonna 
try and touch on them lightly. First, I promised to share my ideas on 
"natural" setups. The response I got requesting that was tremendous so I 
am gonna write it as an article and post it here. I feel it is pertinent 
since it has certainly made keeping fish (and especially plants) easier 
for me. The reason I didn't reply yet is we just had our first son (VERY 
proud father :)), and I have not been able to take time to write much. 
Second, someone mentioned using a highlighter on their field guide. I 
used that one a few years ago, and it is WELL worth the time it saves in 
the Field. However, I don't think that it very accurate to use a drawing 
for IDs. I suggest contacting a Life Science Dept at the nearest 
University and asking them for a copy of the key they use for that 
locale. Last, the $20 light at Home Depot is a halogen, and according to 
the Killi list it is not suitable for aquarium use (I was drooling over 
them when I saw them too!). As I mentioned in another post BOYCOTT HOME 
DEPOT!!! Sorry for the long post, and I promise the tank setup article 
will apear soon.

Scott McLaughlin

P.S. I remember seeing a bunch of requests and responses for dipnet 
info, if no one mentioned Aquatic Ecosystems has a great selection and a 
web site. I dont have the address handy right now though.

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