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Re: NFC: Re: NANFA-- compact flouresent

Well, the last two meessages I sent to the list somehow never got there, 
but I'm gonna try again...

The light you saw for $20 is not a metal halide. That is a halogen 
unfortunately and they generate a ton of heat and the spectrum is way 
too yellow to be of much use on a fish tank. I was drooling about it too 
until they burst my bubble on the killi list (someone tried one). I have 
been away from the list for a while, we just had our first son and he 
won out over writing all the email I need to write, namely the doc on my 
"natural" low-tech tanks. The response I got for it was rather large so 
I will post it to the list as I feel it is pertinent in that it makes 
keeping fish (and plants) a lot easier for me. Someone recently posted 
about using Peterson's to id fish and how he used a highlighter to make 
it easier. I used that same technique on a week long trip to the 
Coweetah (sp?) Hydrological Research Basin to do food studies on 
salamanders there. It was a lifesaver, however I did want to mention 
that IDing from a photo is not the most accurate method and to get good 
IDs I would contact a local University's Life Sciences Dept. and ask 
what key they use for that locale.

Scott McLaughlin

>From: Moontanman at aol_com
>Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 23:19:02 EST
>To: nanfa at aquaria_net, nfc at actwin_com
>Subject: NFC: Re: NANFA-- compact flouresent
>Reply-To: nfc at actwin_com
>I found a flat four bulb compact fluorescent bulb, 37 watts with a 
>reflector built in at Home Depot, I'll have to remove it from it's 
casing but
>it looks very promising. Also at Home Depot they have a shop light that 
>two 150 watt metal halides in it for $20 including bulbs! It is perfect 
>hanging over an emergent plant tank or any tank. I was blown away by 
>price, to bad it's three feet long, I only have 30" to play with.

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