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NFC: Freshwater sharks

Received the following message from someone who apparently was searching one
of the list archives.  I believe the original thread was on the NFC list.
Weren't you one of the questioners, Michael "Moontanman"?

>Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 18:12:54 -0800
>From: cmeneses <cmeneses at lausd_k12.ca.us>
>Subject: Freshwater sharks
>To: mbinkley at earthling_net
>Organization: lausd
>I happened to bump  into your question about fresh water sharks from
>Nicaragua. I was born in Nicaragua and I know all about them. We have
>two main lakes, Nicaraguas and Managua Lakes. The Nicaragua Lake is
>connected to the Atltantic ocean through the San Juan River. One of the
>theories says that the sharks came from the Atlantic ocean  and swam
>towards the lake, and they did not find their way back. Another theory
>says that After the glacial times when the earth emerged, they got
>stocked there inside what is now the lake and had to adapt to their new
>environment. Some scientists think that the freshwater sharks are
>similar to the ones found in the Pacific ocean. The sharks are really
>cool and fierce looking. They are an endangered species. They have lived
>in Nicaragua for millions of years. They are our national pride.