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Re: NFC: Article for TFH BY Robert Rice (fwd)

Robert: are you planning to promote NANFA and its Trading Post or should 
the article reference NFC and the Fish Wish List and/or Bulletin Board? 
Or both? Just wondering.


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>Subject: Article for TFH BY Robert Rice
>Shipping 101: A Beginner's Guide To Sending Fish To New Homes In Far 
>by Robert Rice
>Ok, OK you have done it .You have just collected the hidden, secret 
spot of
>your favorite fish and shockingly have too many excellent fish. Maybe 
you have
>done even better and your favorite fish has spawned and you have fry 
>out your ears. Great , at first you panic then you dig out a NANFA 
>post and decide I want to send my fish to Miss. Jones in Portland 
Oregon !
>Sounds good so far. Miss. Jones being a trusting sort sends you a box 
full of
>aquatic plants that you have wanted for years. You are in heaven ! 
>you realize you have a problem you owe Miss. Jones some fish but do not 
>the foggiest idea how to get them to her ! Relax your friendly host 
(me) will
>walk you through the whole thing.
>You need to ship fish ? Well first off you need to get a box and some 
>Here is the place where a friendly pet store owner can make your life 
>Let's say you ask your local pet store owner Hans "Sir, do you have any 
>boxes or bags I need to ship some fish". Hans looks at you in disgust 
and says
>" Why do you need to ship fish, you don't buy fish here so where did 
they come
>from? You are a bad person get out of my store." So you slink away 
>never to return. On your way home you get a brainstorm and stop at the 
>Piggly Wiggly grocery store and purchase a box of Glad freezer bags for 
>Not the ziplock kind but the cheap old reguar freezer bags.You also 
>CHEAP styro coolers for $1.99 and snag one of those too. On your way 
out you
>talk them into giving you a cardboard box that once held Pampers 
diapers. OK ,
>fine you are in business. 
>Or what if instead old Hans had said "Boxes ? You want Boxes ? Yeah I 
got a
>pile of them in the back help yourself and buy something will ya? " So 
>purchase some bags from him at a nickel a piece and vow to buy all your
>hardware from your new buddy Hans. Who by the way loves to collect, and 
>to talk you into taking him with him next time you go (that is a 
>story though !).
>So, either way you are heading home with the right stuff in your car 
and a
>grinding fear in your heart about shipping those fish. You wonder how 
can fish
>survive in this little box for the long trip to Oregon. A tear wells up 
>your eye when you think "I could be sending my babies to there DOOM , 
whoa is
>me." Relax fish are not people and they can tolerate a box very easily 
>with little stress.
>You have picked your fish out and are ready to start packing . First 
rule of
>packing is less water equals more fish ! that means put the absolute 
>amount of water in each bag. Fish do not breath water they breath air. 
If your
>bag is full of water and not air you will have a very heavy box of 
>water arriving in Oregon and a very angry Miss. Jones opening them. So 
>about an inch of water in each bag sometimes more , sometimes less 
>on the size of the fish. I like to put just enough to fully cover each 
>and never any more. Then I blow the bags up to a squishy soft 
consistency. If
>you are lucky and have bottled O2 or a tire pump use that instead of 
>em up with your mouth. When you exhale it adds a bit of CO2 to the air 
>wich is not good. If not your air is better than no air. Now be 
carefull, if
>you blow your plastic bags up too much , the pressure change while on 
>airplane can burst the bags open . Rule number two is, more bags equals 
>fish. What this means is it is far better to have 15 small bags with 1 
fish in
>them than two large bags with 8 fish in them. If a fish dies you will 
>the damage to his buddies if they are not in the bag with him !
>So now you have packed up these fish just so and have all these cute 
>bags on the floor what now? Simple, place them in the Styrofoam box and 
put a
>bit of newspaper in there to cover any gaps and tape the box closed. I 
use 2
>inch wide packing tape as it adds support to the box. Then place the 
>thing inside a suitably sized cardboard box with a bit of newspaper to 
>the gaps label it and write live fish on the sides of this box. Tape it 
>and you are ready to go to the post office. Maybe Hans gave you a 
>and styro all in one if so skip a step and head to the post office!
>The post office you say ! Why not UPS, Fed Ex or one of the other 
>Because they often do not allow the shipping of live animals and they 
>always more expensive. So you lug your large ugly box up there, all 
labeled up
>and the postal clerk says " I am sorry but we can't ship LIVE fish ." 
>however have read this article and are prepared and reply " Ma'am in 
>domestic mail manual section 124.632 it states you can ship non 
venomous cold
>blooded animals via the post office." "Oh "she says, looks it up and 
>"Never mind !" and your fish are on their way. Wait you say, what if I 
>shipping to another country, say London England, is that legal? You 
>recite the same sentence except add ".....the international mail manual 
>in section 139.1 that the shipment of non........" You get the picture. 
>she says "oh" and ask "how would you like it shipped?" The correct 
answer is
>priority mail. Most packages are there in 2 days and it is so cheap you 
>beat it. So you cough up about 10-12 dollars and head home and wait. 
The best
>thing is next time you ship fish, the postal employees will all know 
you are
>the fish person and will be glad to help. See those postal service 
>breaks are good for something.
>Two days later you get a call from Miss. Jones in Oregon thanking you 
for your
>cool fish and all is well. You are happy, your fish are happy and Miss. 
>is happy. Life is good. You think you might want to trade again and dig 
>your NANFA trading post again. Yes life is good!
>I have used the same setup to send fish all around the world with waits 
>long as 14 days with a higher that 80% survival rate. So do not be 
afraid to
>ship fish , be afraid of taxes , death , environmental apathy but not 
>fish. Until next time good luck and good fishing.

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