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NFC: new aquarium

My son and I just set up a new aquarium, 15 gallon, with rocks and gravel
imported from the hills of W.Va. I have 4 dwarf crayfish, 12 H. formosa,
several ghost shrimp, three small flounder, and several very small very dark
and unusually colored bluespotted sunfish I have picked out from all the ones
I have caught lately. I am using an undergravel filter and very fine gravel
containing significant amount of hard clay bits. I have one cypress tree in
the tank but if I don't find some reasonable overhead lighting I'll have to
remove the tree. The blue spotted sunfish are very unusual and I hope to use
them as breeders as they grow bigger and are removed to larger digs at a later
date. The flounders don't seem to mind the absence of sand and stick all over
the rocks and the glass. some of the background rocks extend above the water
slightly and I plant to grow azolla on those rocks and ricca floating in the
water. It is a project in the works at the moment but it looks promising. The
strange gobie is also in the tank along with two swamp darters. If anybody has
any ricca flutians they can spare I could use some to get started. All the
talk has seemed to be in a lull so I thought I'd share this with everyone. I
would like to have a twin 55 watt compact fluorescent retrofit with reflector
but the cost is outta sight! I am going to go to Lowes and see what the have
in the way of compact fluorescent. Maybe I can cobble something together that
will work.  Critiques, suggestions, and comments are welcome.

                                                            Michael Hissom