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NFC: Fw: NFC Files IRS 501(c)(3) application

Press Release Oct 27 1998 Native Fish Conservancy:

The Native Fish Conservancy, Inc. (NFC) has filed an application with 
the IRS for recognition of the NFC as a tax-exempt organization under 
Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The NFC has been working
closley with IRS officials to expedite the proccess and expects a IRS
determination letter of acceptance in the near future. Since it's
incorperation and state non profit status  6 months ago the NFC has been
aggressivley pursuing conservation projects across the country. This
status will only assist the NFC in its broad conservation agenda. If
approved as expected the NFC will become we believe the first national
fully  non profit conservation organization concentrating exclusivley on
the needs of North America's Fishes.This Broader focus will allow us to
partner with local initiatives, stream teams , zoo's , school projects as
well national organizations on conservation programs and land purchases.

Obtaining recognition of the NFC as a tax-exempt organization is critical
for many of the 
intended conservation programs of the NFC, particularly its ability to 
accept tax-deductible donations and to partner with other 501(c)(3)
organizations for conservation projects.  In addition, recognition as a 
tax-exempt organization will not only provide Federal recognition of the
NFC as a scientific/educational conservation organization, it will also
allow the NFC to apply for a nonprofit mailing permit from the US Postal
Service, which will significantly decrease postage costs, leaving more 
funds available for NFC programs and conservation initiatives.  Persons 
interested in the application process can contact Dwight D. Moody, NFC 
Secretary/Treasurer  for more information at dwightmoody at hotmaill_com.  
Members of the NFC Board of Trustees and Konrad Schmidt, NFC Membership 
Director, will be receiving copies of the IRS application .

You can find further information about the NFC its mandate and long term
and short term goals at their website at