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NFC: DP Dip Nets

Elmer Guerri of NANFA was kind enough to pass along the information he has
regarding dip nets allowed me to post his letter.  He suggested once I collect
data, I submit an article to American Currents on the subject.  Since I am
going to take him up on that, I would appreciate any information that anyone
can share be passed on to me.  I have saved messages on the subject posted in
the last 60 days.  

I will go ahead and contact the suppliers he was kind enough to provide, one
of which is located near me here in Indianapolis.  Once I have information, I
will provide it to the lists.

Anyone who has not posted their suggestion for the "perfect dip net", now is
the time.  A couple of months ago, I contacted two net companies about
building dip nets to specifications.  One replied and asked for me to submit
specifications.  Memphis Net and Twine failed to respond to my e-mail.  Once I
have a list of suggested specifications, I will submit them to any supplier
that is interested and report my findings to the list and in the article.

Also, anyone in coastal areas that might be able to find the "crab nets"
suitable for our purposes, please let me know .

If anyone has e-mail or contact information on the people mentioned by Elmer,
I'd like to have that.

on 10-1-98 Elmer A. Guerri wrote to me:

Several members have brought a variety of dip nets to our meetings and field
trips.  Two of the most impressive are a one-person stand up net owned by
Carrie Nixon and a long-handled dip net regularly used by Claus Sutor.  You
may want to contact each of them for specifics on net mesh, weight,
construction, etc.

I own two dip nets which have worked well for me.  Regional chapter member ,
Jim Evinger, introduced me to a net manufactured by Ranger Net Co.  It is
called a "crab net."  It has 3/8" netting size 12x14x20" depth, all on a 72"
handle.  It is available for $10 from the Kehrer Fish Co., 7310 Indian Lakje
Road, Lawrence, IN 46236, phone 317-823-6307.

As a result of my sportfishing hobby I learned about another net made from
clear monofilament.  It has the advantage of being "slightly less visible (at
least to the human eye) as compared to white or black or brown or green nets.
It was developed for catching shad (yellowtails) at night for use as bait on
large Central and Southern impoundment's.  Use in conjunction with a flood
light after dark  It is great for that purpose. It also works well for stream
collecting and shallow water pond collecting.

The "clear" net is available from Clear Concepts, P.O. Box 161030, Austin,
Texas 78716, phone 512-441-1115, contact Jerry Jones.

Elmer A. Guerri

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