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NFC: minnow traps in cold weather - need help and advice

Around here if there is cuurent, good numbers of fish,  they  will be in
the traps year round.  In the winter I have little luck with traps set
along shorelines and such, but the greatest concentrations of fish are
usually near water with current when it is cold.  I think it may have to
with oxygen depletion in the ares that are still, due to dead plants and
I usually like to position the trap where the current comes out of a
culvert, or similar break that bottle necks an area, this way fish are
more likly to investigate the trap and want to hide in it, or eat the
    Traps are in most cases hit and miss, unless the spot has a real good
amount of fish that are trappable. Some fish are only easily caught in
traps seasonally, late witner is a good time to get dace and mudminnows
that are starting to move to spawning sites from wintering grounds.

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