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NFC: Fish room tanks

Due to my job I am at Wal Mart all the time. About once a week I go to the
fish and look and see what they have. I have been admiring the custom made
tanks the new Super Center has for a while now. I keep thinking that one of
those would sure make a nice addition to a fish room. I imagine they are
10-15 gallon tanks.

Then I got to thinking that it might not be to hard to build a wooden
version? Using for course a glass front. Install a central wet/dry filter
system and use overflows for the returns. You would also have the option to
make the tanks any length you wanted. Maybe on long one on bottom for a
river tank. Divide one row into a couple of 5 gallons to raise Killies, and
a couple of larger one or what ever. The combinations could be tailored to
you needs.

Any thoughts?

Jeff <*\\><