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NFC: DP collecting in cold weather - need help and advice

I went to Bloomington, Indiana yesterday and set out some minnow traps.  

Set traps last night about 5:00 PM.  Site was stream where years ago I had
heard there was a lot of crappies and other game fish.  It is where there used
to be a pumping station for water company.  Sort of a dam like structure with
deep pools on either side.  Nice water flow over the dam.  I put one trap in
upper pool, three in lower pool.  Bait was dry dog food and stale bread.  

Air temperature was  32 degrees when I checked this morning.  Only thing I got
was frozen, wet fingers.  Gotta remember to carry waterproof gloves in my
collecting kit from now on.

Water was real black color, but no odor.  Also looked at a couple of other
sites in the region (different water sheds and streams) and their water was
same color black.  I usually relate black water to stagnant, sewage filled but
suspect this has something to fallen leaves.

It brings up the question of how does cold water temperatures effect trap
results.  I've set out traps behind my Mom's in much colder weather using just
stale bread and had them full of assorted minnows.  Her stream is very shallow
and no game fish.

Can anyone shed light?

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA