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NFC: 110 gal set-up for sunfish etc.

Heres what i did
- the tanks dimensions at the time were 36" deep 18" wide and 48" long,
that has since changed to the width being 36" and the depth being 18".
-Under gravel plate, with power head hooked to two bio wheels reverse
power head at other end.
-a good thick layer of dark gravel
-filled 80 percent of the tank with gnarled roots, left the front and one
end with current open.
-covered surface with water sprite
- had two 40 wattt bulbs in shop light
-fed diet strictly of worms and crickets , no fish, i really beleive this
conditoins them to except that this is the normal diet, atleast it works
for me.

Here is the list of fish if i rember right: 3 male dollar sunfsih, two
female; reverse trio of warmouth, a pair of central longears, apair of
redspotted sunfish, a trio of northern longears, a trio of fundulus
grandis (caca hoe minnas) 5 large tadpole madtoms.  I didn't have any
shiners, but large golden or spotfins would have worked.  With this high
density, aggression was hard to come by, and territories were small. 
This tank started out as a tank for leftovers I had no room for
elsewhere, but soon turned into a display tank in the living room.  All
the male sunfish nested, and  some spawned, but the catfish and killi
fish were too much for the sunfish to fend off, and eggs were eaten.  I
tell you what, cleaning the gravel had to be done weekly to prevent

I have a 75 galon stream tank set-up now  that at first glance looks like
a reef tank, but contains 7 kanasas longears and a granddaddy dollar,
after two days pecking order was set-up, and they all get along now with
a few minor tussels when they  are waiting to be fed.


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