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Re: NFC: How to use a siene?

Size depends on a number of factors, not least of which is type of 
water, depth and species. I have a 45 foot seine which I use by myself.  
Just attach two poles, one at each end, and stick one into the mud to 
hold the seine in place, extend the seine and pull in a big arc that 
closes the loop, then pull into shore.  When using short seines, say 10 
-20 feet, I set up the seine in a "U", then stick the other pole in the 
mud and drive fish downstream into the net. Obviously, you can't use a 
45 footer in rapids, but I can always only use 10 feet of a 45 ft seine, 
but I can't extend a 10 foot seine to reach 45 feet in a pond or lake to 
capture skittish species. For most flowing water, I use a long handled 
dip net.

Suggest buying a 10-20 footer at Walmart, should cost less than $20 for 
the net.  Also suggest buying a good quantity of bobbers and large 
sinkers as most of these premade seines don't have enough floats or 
weights.  You want the top of the net to stay on the surface and the 
bottom of it to stay on the bottom when you haul it into shore.  Some 
additional floats and weights help prevent escapes over or under the 

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>I am thinking about buying my first seine. I am going to buy a cheap 
one to
>start with and make sure before I invest in a good one. I do most of my
>collecting by myself and I am not sure how to use a seine. I do know 
that it
>is better to be a 2 man operation than one,
>1) can someone explain the proper way to use a seine
>2) How do you go about using one by yourself? and what size for one 
>Jeff <*\\><

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