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Re: NFC: Native plants

Hey Matt,
				I have Nuphar luteum ssp. sagittifolium, as you may have seen on the NFC
and AGA lists. I also can get Vallisnaria, Cabomba, 2 ludwigia sp.  1 with a
longish round tipped leaf and 1 with ovate leaves that are bright pink in the
right light conditions, Najas guadalupensis and eleocharis prolifera. I also
sell a variety of wild caught native and exotic fish from south Florida. The
following is the price list for the fish, the plants are negotiable.
I will collect on order, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, bag on Sunday evening,
and ship on Mondays, cutting the holding time to a minimum.
This will help insure top quality wild caught specimens.        		Shipping
will be Priority One unless the buyer prefers and will pay for alternate
arrangements, or the order is large enough to require a shorter shipping
period i.e. Delta Cargo.
		Florida wild species list as follows-
			   IA= immediately available
			  SA= sporadically available



Nandopsis Cichlasoma salvini   1" to 2 1/2"   IA      3.50 ea
					"					   3" or more  SA     4.50 ea
Jewel Cichlid                          2" to 3 1/2"   IA    3.50 ea
Oscar                                   2" or more  SA     4.00 ea
Mayan Cichlid                        2" or more  SA      4.50 ea
Manguenese Cichlid               1 1/2" to 3"   SA      3.50 ea
Plecos        						   2" or more  SA      3.50 ea
Pike Top Minnow livebearer           N/A              10.00 ea
Tilapia   							  1 1/2" to 2 1/2 IA       3.50 ea
Other species available as found and identified


Lepomis marginatus						SA				3.00 ea
  Dollar Sunfish
Enneacanthus gloriosus			     IA				3.00 ea
  Bluespotted Sunfish
Elassoma evergladei					SA				3.00 ea
  Everglades Pygmy Sunfish
Etheostoma fusiforme					 IA				3.00 ea
  Swamp Darter
Heterandria formosa					 IA				3.00 ea
  Least Killifish
Peocilia latipinna  						 IA				2.00 ea
  Sailfin Molly
Jordenella floridae						 SA				3.00 ea
Lucania goodei     						 IA				3.00 ea
   Buefin Killifish
Fundulus chrysoyus						 IA				3.00 ea
  Golden Topminnow
Noturus gyrinus							 SA				3.00 ea
  Tadpole Madtom
				10 fish minimum on all orders
	15.00 shipping and handling   Priority One U.S. Mial
		I am a licenced fish seller and follow all sate and federal regulations.
Purchase of these fish constitutes a contract, where by, the buyer agrees
never to return these fish to the wild.
		Make checks or money orders payable to Daryl Roche
and send them to 
        Daryl Roche
		425 N. E. 12th Ave
		Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.   33301

		Send e-mail orders to       DarylRoche at aol_com
	 Orders filled on reciept of payment and in most cases shipped the following
Monday, according to availability.