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NFC: Fw: Re: breeder program

Ray Hope you dont mind but your track record in breeding is so
immpressive I posted it to the NFC list. The Breeders Program was
designed for someone like you. If I have to I'll be the administrator of
it until it gets on its feet. If someone would like to be an admin in
training of sorts and work together with me on this neat program let me
know. Basically the Breeders Program will give out equipment and
sometimes $$ to folks who continually siccessfully raise NA species. We
as a breeders group will periodically have fish sales (when and where
Legal) to fund our program. I have some fish that hold great promise as
an aquarium strain, we just need breeders club folks to isolate and breed
the strain !! Anyway congrats on your success. Better start writing :)
After we prove ourselve we can get into the threatened endangered species
for the state folks. The interest is there and we (THE NFC) have a half a
dozen scientific collecting permits allready eventually we will get one
in most states.

Robert Rice
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  I of course am into sunfish, killis, mudminnows (hint hint future in
olympic muds) as breeder fish.The gars and bowfin, well you can't really
breed them in captivity < not yet, I'm working on plans for both beleive
it or [I'm nuts].
Any way with the fish I like they also all come from lowland habitats ( I
do have longears kansas strain however) but that is what I'm working
with. heres a list and If it has a B after it it has spawned , if it has
a BS (ha ha very funny) means it bred and was successful meaning  I got
baby fish not just eggs and fry.
humilus B
gulosus B
cyanellus BS
symmetricus BS
marginatus lousiana BS
marginatus n. carolins BS
marginatus florida
megalotis kansas
megalotis peltastes BS
Elassoma Zonatum:
alabama BS
louisiana B
Elassoma evergladie
elberta BS
c.f baldwin BS
big cypress BS
ft. myers B
Elassoam okeefenokee:
sanderson BS
luciae BS
zebrinus BS
chrysotus melanistic 
cingulatus B  (yes they are but haven't found eggs , must be in gravel
will find )
confluentus BS
goodie BS
ommata BS
Jordanella :
floridae BS
 marmoratus BS
limi B
formosa BS
These are all fish I currently maintain, I may not have fry or young now,
but am confident that if I've done it once, I'll do it again, am working
on the others, have bred other fish, but don't have the strain anymore so
did not include it.  I also have bred salamanders and dwarf crawfish in
captivity not to mention fungus, fish parasites and bacteri   =)
I also have many non native killis and have bred 95% of them to, all
spawn like fundulus species, so i am not off track ( no dirt spawners!).
I hope to not get too many more fish than I have now for this, except
more elassoma species ,  and the magical mystical novumbra hubbsi.  I
don't want to spread myself any thinner by branching off into other

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