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NFC: Kudzus dream tank

Personally I'd do the following( I believe all these fish are in your
state of Alabama)
Since you want a lot of fish, you shouldn't have too many aggression
problems here.
Orange spotted sunfish 2 males 4 females
Dollar sunfish 1 male 3 females
Warmouth (goggle eye) 3 
Red spotted sunfish 1 male 2 females
Longear 1 male 1 female
Some large killifish to school in tank near surface
Some larger species of attractive shiners from a pool or lake habitat
Tadpole madtom or  black madtoms
I hope I didn't overload your tank, I had a 110 show tank with a lot of
sunfish and it was simply beautiful, even when sunfish were nesting,
aggression wasn't as problem, I had tadpole madtoms, fundulus grandis,
warmouth, dollar sunfish, redspotted sunfish, orange spotted sunfish and
longear sunfish all in this tank.

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