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NFC: Collecting tip/ IDing fish

Yesterday I went to a Aldrich creek that runs through Huntsville. The water
was real low due to the drought we are in. The creek was full of
shiners/chubs and  of course LOTS of gambusia. I though they were Spotfin
shiners and since I can catch them off my pier I didn't bother to keep any.
Right before I left I decided to take a few small ones home. Once I got them
home I discovered I had 3 different fish! None of which were Spotfin. Live
and learn huh?

I had taken a ziplock bag for the purpose of ID'ing fish but I found a
couple of neat plants and ended up using it for that. I had put in a small
glass jar just in case. Then when I put a minnow in it I discovered that it
was an ornamental jar and I couldn't see the fish clearly except through one
small smooth spot where I suppose a label was.

I have the fish home and I am still trying to ID them. Shiners and chubs
just all look to much alike!! I have 4 fish in my tank that I am still
trying to decide what they are.

I have done one thing to my copy of Peterson's that has helped me a lot.
Since I don't collect (at this time anyway!) out side of North Alabama I am
in the process of marking all the fish that we have in our area. When
looking at shiners for example and I see one that looks close if it is not
highlighted then I know  it is not native to our area. Of course you
experienced collectors probably don't need that but it sure helps this

Jeff <*\\><