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NFC: Rainbow Smelt (fwd)

You've been busy, Robert. :)

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Subject: Rainbow Smelt

From: Charles Lesueur <c_lesueur at yahoo_com>
Date: 10/8/98 11:26 AM Central Daylight Time
Message-id: <361CE840.3E19EC0A at yahoo_com>

The rainbow smelt is a fish species that is found in numerous rivers and
lakes in eastern North America as either anadromous or landlocked
populations. Its great fecundity and relative abundance allows it to
support both commercial and sport fisheries. The population dynamics of
this forage fish can in  itself  greatly influence the whole ecosystem.
It is in effect an important element in the diet of many species of
sport fish, as well as marine mammals. Moreover the rainbow smelt is of
great interest for fundamental research because of  its life cycle, its
migrations, its capacity for adaptation, and its circumpolar
distribution. In spite of all this many of the studies and work done on
this species still remain little known and unpublished  forgotten on
dusty shelves in someones office.

The  pooling and diffusion of this knowledge could definitely contribute
to better understanding  and appreciating not only the significance of
ongoing studies and fundamental research but  also could give more
insight, based on a greater understanding of population dynamics, into
the pertinence of present day management policies.

In order to provide the opportunity and the forum necessary to permit
the exchange of ideas and opinions between those people interested in
learning more on the rainbow smelt and willing to share their own
experiences we are proposing to convene, in Quebec city, the first North
American workshop on rainbow smelt.

The most prederred date for this event is at the end of February 1999
which would  evidently allow  time for everyone to prepare their papers
and presentations. We have already around 50 positives answers and the
scientific level is quite interesting.

In order to help us organize this workshop, You may:

• express your interest in participating at this workshop by fax or
• give us your opinions, commentaries and suggestions;
• get in touch with other collegues who might be interested;

The workshop is shedule to be a two days event, consisting in four half
day with each one containing a bloc of pesentations (for example 20
minutes) followed by an open exchange period.  Inscription fees will be
around 50,00$ can. that will be used mainly to produce a written resume
of the worshop.  Following your answer, we will contact you to give you
more information about the event. You can contact Luc Bouchard or
another member of the commitee to obtain more informations.

Friendly yours,

Luc Bouchard
Centre Écologique du Lac St-Jean
559, boul. Sacré-Coeur C.P. 12
St-Félicien  QC
G8K 2P8
(418) 679-8496
(418) 679-5665
cels at destination_ca

Julian J. Dodson
Université Laval
Département de Biologie
Pavillon Alexandre-Vachon
Cité Universitaire
Québec  QC
G1K 7P4
(418) 656-3289
(418) 656-2339
Julian.dodson at biol_ulaval.ca

Guy Trencia
Ministère de l'Environnement et de la faune
Direction régionale Chaudière-Appalaches
8400 Sous-le-vent
Charny  QC
G6X 3S9
(418) 832-7222 (229)
(418) 832-1827
guy.trencia at mef_gouv.qc.ca