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NFC: British Fish Probs (fwd)

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Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 14:58:22 EDT
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Subject: British Fish Probs

ubject: Save Britain's Fish
From: igeldard at capital_demon.co.uk (Ian Geldard)
Date: 10/15/98 4:37 AM Central Daylight Time
Message-id: <362dc04e.9350076 at news_demon.co.uk>

By an Act of Parliament, and International Law, the nation of the
United Kingdom has a 200 mile or median line fishery zone around the
British Isles. The British Parliament has handed the competence for
this zone to the European Union - Britain's greatest renewable
resource and a Vital National Interest that belongs to the British
people. Therefore we no longer have British waters and British fish
and shellfish, but European Union waters and European Union fish and

The British have always thought that being in the Common Fisheries
Policy, we could bring about sensible and practical conservation to
benefit all Europe and beyond. This has been a total failure.

Food Supply: The EU have now set a catch quota on sandeels, a main
source of food for higher up the life cycle pyramid. Unfortunately
the catch is set so high, just under one hundred million tons, most
of which is found in the British sector of EU waters, and Britain
receives 2.5%. The catch rate leaves no spare food for increasing
fish stocks for human consumption.

Juveniles: If you take fish below the breeding size, you have no
adults for the future. At the Council of Ministers Meeting on 30th
October 1997 Britain voted with all other Member States, except
Denmark, to reduce the Minimum Landing Size of three sizes of fish
well below breeding size. The EU state these fish would have been
caught anyway, within the standardisation of mesh sizes from the
border with Norway down to Gibraltar. The answer does not lie with
the political ideal of harmonisation, but as other nations are
implementing, changing fisheries from hunting to harvesting, and
designing fishing gear not to kill these small fish.

Adults: Without these there are no breeding stocks. The quota system
we presently work under in the EU is horrendously wasteful as
admitted by the Commission, who stated "the phenomenon of discarding
at sea part of the catch accounts for hundreds of thousands of tons
and billions of individual fish."

The Official publication for the European Union states: The Common
Fisheries Policy responds to a host of legal, political, economic,
social and environmental factors affecting both the fishing industry
and the process of EUROPEAN INTEGRATION.

Around the British Isles, lies one of the finest marine resources in
the world. By handing competence to Brussles for this resource, it is
being destroyed for political European integration.

What is the answer?

That competence for the Marine Resource within the British Fishery
zone be returned to Westminster, and practical conservation measures
introduced to establish sustainable fisheries within that zone, and
to encourage similar methods in European and World Wide fisheries.

For further information:

Save Britain's Fish
The Fisherman's Association Ltd.
18-20 Queen's Road
Aberdeen AB15 4ZT


Ian Geldard
London, England