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Re: NFC Favorite fish?

Ok, here's my 'druthers' on the subject.

15 Longear Sunfish
24 Red Shiners
24 Redbelly Dace
12 Redside Dace
12 Blacknose Dace
6  Slender Madtoms
24 Flame Chubs
12 Orangethroat or Rainbow Darters

Other shiners and minners to use: Sailfin shiner, Flagfin Shiner,Satinfin
Shiner, Ozark Shiner, Cardinal/Duskystripe/Bleeding Shiner, Topeka Shiner.

Other Dace possiblities include: Mountain Redbelly, Rosyside, Pearl

Odds and ends: Stonerollers, Chubs, and a few Topminnows.

I imagine I probably have raised a few eyebrows here.  Please, let's not
get into a long discussion on it.  I've kept the above mentioned species
together for some time now with no problems.  If you want to give me your
opinion of my opinion, please keep it on private e-mail.  :)


P.S.  Oh yeah, add in about a dozen Bluntnose and Suckermouth minnows as