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Re: NFC Favorite fish?

Souther Darters would do well...but what are your water conditions ? That
will be a major limiting factor !!

On Thu, 22 Oct 1998 16:26:08 -0500 "Kudzu" <Kudzu at airnet_net> writes:
>I have been thinking about my dream tank again and what I am going to 
>put in
>it. I have to say that discus have really caught my eye. (Ducking as 
>looks for flying objects). However!! I really want to set up the tank 
>some impressive natives. I have learned a bit by being on this list 
>but I
>still don't know what I would put in there.
>So here is you chance to tell me what to do. :-)  Well, plan maybe 
>this is probably a next summer project at the earliest. (This tank 
>will most
>likely be around 8 foot x 2 foot. 200+ gallons and it will be 
>The only fish that have in mind are Longear Sunfish or some other 
>Probably some Red Belly Dace. What I have in mind is mostly to use 
>lots of
>fish, preferably small fish. Sunnies might not make it in there due to 
>and aggression. If you had your druthers and this was your tank, what 
>you do? I would love to hear some suggestions. Just remember this will 
>be in
>a living room and I want prefer at least some colorful fish.
>I had thought about some of the darter but what about temps? I don't 
>plan on
>a chillier. Not out of the question but unlikely.
>Jeff <*\\><

Robert Rice
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