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NFC Favorite fish?

I have been thinking about my dream tank again and what I am going to put in
it. I have to say that discus have really caught my eye. (Ducking as he
looks for flying objects). However!! I really want to set up the tank with
some impressive natives. I have learned a bit by being on this list but I
still don't know what I would put in there.

So here is you chance to tell me what to do. :-)  Well, plan maybe since
this is probably a next summer project at the earliest. (This tank will most
likely be around 8 foot x 2 foot. 200+ gallons and it will be planted!

The only fish that have in mind are Longear Sunfish or some other sunfish.
Probably some Red Belly Dace. What I have in mind is mostly to use lots of
fish, preferably small fish. Sunnies might not make it in there due to size
and aggression. If you had your druthers and this was your tank, what would
you do? I would love to hear some suggestions. Just remember this will be in
a living room and I want prefer at least some colorful fish.

I had thought about some of the darter but what about temps? I don't plan on
a chillier. Not out of the question but unlikely.

Jeff <*\\><