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Alabama Regulations on collecting

I emailed Stan Cook head of the Alabama Game and Fish about collecting in
Alabama. I had the States Regulation book but it doesn't not address
aquariums AT ALL! Thought some of you might want to see what I learned. (Now
I know for sure I am legal!!) I have edited the email so that my question is
followed by his answer.

>> I understand the protected/endangered fish can not be caught and kept in
an aquarium.
Also I have the Alabama Regulations book but the way I read it I am under
the impression that I can not collect any fish for aquarium use. I am
interested in keeping certain Topminnows, shiners and shad primarily. <<

>> 1) For example 220-2-.39 refers to catching minnows and shad for BAIT. If
fish are caught following these regulations are they then legal to keep in
an aquarium? The book makes no mention of aquariums that I can find. I also
assume a fishing license is needed?<<

1. Yes if the fish are not specially protected.

>>2) Also I can find no mention of catching fish with a dipnet. Is this
legal within the regulation mentioned above?<<

2. Yes

>>3) I don't see this covered in the book either, but someone from the Game
and Fish (I think) told me that I could keep game fish in an aquarium if
they were caught legally and of legal size. Is this correct?<<

3. Yes as long as you are not exceeding the possession limit for a
particular species.

For future regulation questions I recommend that you contact your local law
enforcement officer who deals with these types of questions daily. They are
listed in the reg. book by county.


Basically we can collect any fish that is not designated as a game fish of
commercial fish. This leaves most if not all catfish out. They are
designated as commercial fish. Seines are legal up to 25 foot X 4 foot I
believe. Minnow traps with 1/2 openings up to 24(?) inches long.
All this with just a fishing license! I had been told this but didn't know
that was right for sure. So I got it from the top man now!

Just wanted to pass this on.