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Re: Making odd tanks

At 02:39 PM 10/21/1998 +0000, Ray W Wolff wrote:

>  these tanks were custom built for me, but if you have the guts to take
>apart a tank and reseal it, I sure don't,  here is an optinion.
>Take a tall narrow tank apart.

It won't take guts  :-;    I dropped a 75 gallon tank.  Broke the top rim,
one short side, and one long side.  I figure to have the good short and
long sides cut in half horizontally, use a lot of silicone, and buy (ugh,
money) a new top rim.  I'll end up with a 37.5 gallon tank that is 4 feet
long, 18 inches wide and only 10 inches deep.  Then I'll put an Aquaclear
500 external on one of the short sides and have one heck of a current.  Oh,
by the way, I'll be setting it up outside in the spring (I'm in Virginia
near DC (another ugh)).  So, of it leaks, the lawn gets watered.

>this makes nice "swamp " tanks, as it is low and wide, but may not work
>as nicley for a stream tank, unless it  is consideralby long, like a 55
>gallon, I think this would make an awesome stream tank,  12" deep X 18"
>wide X 48" long.

See dimensions above... looks like we think alike...

>industry still cranks out those "show tanks" very little bottom area to
work with,
>and all that depth kind of a waste if you ask me.

I agree... let's demand some shallow tanks!! :-)